About Me

I am fairly simple, except for the ideas in my head.

My name is Chinonso Ogbodo. I’m 23 years old, no I’m not a silly millenial. My birthday is 11th December, 1993. Just thought I’d drop this here for anyone that would like to wish me well on the day or send me a gift. I obviously absolutely adore my birthday.

I am a writer by trade. Content writing, freelance writing, article writing, fiction writing, proofreading and editing.

Movies and TV Shows are my absolute favourite things. Waching them, talking about them, analysing them, writing about them.

I also love researching mostly about history since I knew next to nothing about history but that has more to do with the country’s poor education standard.

In all of these, I studied biochemistry and microbiology in the university. Ironic, I know seeing my absolute favourite things.

Also the internet is my bae. Wow, that was a very millenial thing to say. So maybe I am a proud 90s kid.

My blog is like my diary. A collection of my best topics, my take on several things. Basically it is how I see the world. I hope you enjoy it.