The Convergence of Indescribable Thoughts

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The Convergence of Indescribable Thoughts

  Continued from here The car started becoming unstable and it sped up through the other side. Impulse kicked in and Jane slammed the brakes, swerving it to the left side – not that she consciously thought to do so, her hand was just moving the steering any which way. All she could think at that point was that the car should just stop its movement. The car skidded and […]

Jane The Wild Child?

  Continued from here The other daughter was driving, not paying attention to the drama as she had her own going on with her. She was regretting her decision to have sex with her boyfriend the day before or regretting not regretting the decision, she wasn’t sure which one exactly. She didn’t want to share this news with her mother as she was scared of her reaction and the impending […]

Mandy and Her Very Unspoken Thoughts

  Continued from here During the drive, Mrs. Peters was yelling at her daughter, Mandy for being reckless and irresponsible, forgetting that she was a lawyer, albeit one that liked to party a little hard. At least that was Mandy’s defense. For a very long time, all through her formative years, Mandy has been a good girl, obeying every single rule set by any person in authority; be it her […]

How Their Miscommunication Led to a Massive Car Fight

  It was a very bright afternoon, the sun so harsh almost violent in its burns. Everything else is relatively normal. The green recurrent trees move lightly in the direction of the mild breeze. The sky was blue with specks of white cloud; scattered around it and some clumps of cloud spread around in almost comical shapes. The air was brisk carrying with it a form of grace. Everything pointed […]