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Strike: Is This Even What It Is Anymore?

In Nigeria, the word strike doesn’t have the humph it once had. Back in the 90s, the oil workers’ strike was the biggest one ever – at least that I know of – it lasted months and everyone came together to partake in the strike. The government, due to the economy suffering, decided to cede to their demands. These days, with the economy basically in the toilet and government and […]

Is My Want Too Much To Ask?

I want a life. I was the girl with big dreams. I went outside, I had a lot of friends. Everyone knew my name wherever I went. Over the years, I’ve been told what to do, what God expects of me. I’ve been told to sit right and dress right. Don’t wear makeup Nonso, you don’t want people to get the wrong impression. Your earrings are too big. Don’t go […]

Can All These Corrections People Leave our Childhood Alone?

For the past year, there has been a rising trend in “corrections” of our favourite childhood things. There was the line from a Sunday school song that was corrected from “the most excellency” to “the most excellent king”. I agreed it made more sense even if it’s not as catchy. Phrases, slangs, words, songs, even nursery rhymes, none of these have been saved from the dread “corrections”. Where are these […]

Exciting Announcement: Saving Grace

  For months now, I’ve been working on this book. The story is one that I felt had to be told. There are a lot of stories about love and marriage and going through trauma. No one really talks about after the fact, years after the trauma, what is happening? How is the victim dealing with it? Are you still a victim if you have overcome the trauma? The protagonist, […]

The Real Criminals of The Healthcare System

  Healthcare in Nigeria   It’s safe to say that healthcare in Nigeria is pretty much a moot discussion. Things have been the same for years and it is still the same till now. Nothing has made this point more glaring than our president who has been in London for months receiving medical treatment. Whatever the reason might be, it doesn’t change the fact that most Nigerians go abroad for […]

A Ways Back: Way Way Back

As a proud 90s kid, whenever I see certain items that ruled my childhood, nostalgia swims in and remains. The Cortina (not sure of the spelling) shoes we used to wear to school, Okin biscuits and banana bubble gum with helpful trivia inside – yet our parents didn’t want us chewing gum. Who can’t remember running to the landline to “this is X’s residence, who is speaking?” And the first […]

I’m Right All The Damn Time

  Assistants, receptionists, cashiers, customer care persons, etc. Everyone has a harrowing tale about people of this profession. “Oh my God, why did they waste time?” “Oh my God, why did they talk to me that way?” We all have stories. I remember one particularly annoying incident in a Diamond bank in Enugu. I was to transfer money and of course Diamond bank was not on quickteller so I had […]


  I forget. Sometimes I forget that I’m better. I’ve fixed me. All the crazy thoughts and ideas are gone. It took me three years but I did it. I can go about in the world with my head held high and my shoulders hunched up. I love myself for who I am not for what people think of me. The good feeling I get from telling someone a testimony […]

Malala schooling the Government on Education in Nigeria

Malala Yousafzai, the brave young woman who is fighting injustice all around the world particularly when it comes to education and human rights, is currently in Nigeria. She started her activism in her home country of Pakistan where girls sometimes get minimal access to education. Also the insurgent antics of the Taliban was one of the topics she strongly spoke against. Malala was a BBC blogger and gained enough prominence […]

Pay It Forward

  Ada woke up that morning all groggy and disoriented; she went to bed so late in the wee hours of the morning because her boss had given her some work to do late in the night. She prepared quickly and hurried to get to work. As she was waiting for a taxi, a car passed by and splashed water on her. She was naturally pissed but couldn’t go back […]