Game Revealed: Behind the Scenes of Game of Thrones

Game ofThrones


Another season of Game of Thrones has come and gone. The viewers are left wanting more. Some go back to re-watch the season or the entire series as they bide their time waiting for 2019 – gasp!

I always wonder how films are made, the costumes, the props, the DRAGONS!!!

If you are like me, you saw Khaleesi and co. walking up the stairs in Dragonstone and asked yourself, where are they?

Or you saw the white walkers and the many many battle scenes and asked yourself, how did they do that?

Game of Thrones films in several locations all around the world. If they want to make something, they search the globe until they find the particular area or building or road or site that fits the description.

They have a huge budget and hundreds of staff available to build things and paint things and carve things, stuntmen that will literally set themselves on fire – in an safe way for like a second – but still set themselves on fire.

The show mostly films in Iceland, Northern Ireland and Spain but I’m sure they have other locations as well.

Much is not known about the exact locations of various scenes for security reasons and to protect the scripts for getting leaked

Some good it did them especially this season

It is even said that they film fake scenes to throw people off.

The point is they are very dedicated to their craft and it shows on screen. That doesn’t mean people don’t want to know exactly how certain things are put together.

Well luckily the good folks at HBO for further marketing strategies  out of the kindness of their hearts put together several behind the scenes videos. Here, the real heroes of the series Рthe crew Рtalk about stuff.

Enjoy these videos.