Live Action Films

Live Action Disney Movies

What is live action? A live action film is a film that has real humans as the actors and not animation. It is more expensive to produce that’s why it has not really been done in the past but it’s a big trend these days especially with the technology being available. For years movies have evolved from one form to another. There have been movies with original screenplays and those […]

The Dragon, The Wolf, The Lion, The Bear: Game of Thrones

It has been a week since Game of Thrones ended its seventh season. And I am finally recovered. Every season of Game of Thrones has the usual; witty lines, badass lines, death, alliances, violence, the occasional nudity, betrayal, reunion, amazingly shot battle scenes and so on. There wasn’t much by way of betrayal this year, except Cersei. I do not count Cersei, betrayal is her factory setting. The highlight for […]

The Broken Man and His Misunderstood Friend IV

THE PERVERSION OF MINIMALISM   Hope had not noticed it before but there were dots and lines on the ceiling. For some reason, she had always assumed the ceiling was smooth. It wasn’t. Was it the paint job that was bad or was it rough and they just painted over it? She was going to find the answers to that question right this instance as she was lying down on […]

I Will Miss My Favourite Crazy Clones

One of my favourite shows ever was the amazing “Orphan Black” which ran for five seasons  and ended not too long ago. I stumbled upon it one day as I flipping through channels in search of something fun to watch. Luckily it was the first ever episode and I decided to watch it. It Was Amazing!!!! The next episode was good and then the next and the next and so […]

Saving Grace

  It was the middle of the night, the time when the monsters liked to play special mind games with Michelle. Tonight’s was particularly dreadful making her fidget softly on the bed, turning from side to side before it escalated to her thrashing violently on the bed and knocking over the pictures and bedside lamp. Michelle woke up in a panic, her eyes were dazed moving rapidly from left to […]

Can All These Corrections People Leave our Childhood Alone?

For the past year, there has been a rising trend in “corrections” of our favourite childhood things. There was the line from a Sunday school song that was corrected from “the most excellency” to “the most excellent king”. I agreed it made more sense even if it’s not as catchy. Phrases, slangs, words, songs, even nursery rhymes, none of these have been saved from the dread “corrections”. Where are these […]

Exciting Announcement: Saving Grace

  For months now, I’ve been working on this book. The story is one that I felt had to be told. There are a lot of stories about love and marriage and going through trauma. No one really talks about after the fact, years after the trauma, what is happening? How is the victim dealing with it? Are you still a victim if you have overcome the trauma? The protagonist, […]

The Broken Man and His Misunderstood Friend III

  THE WELCOME ART OF DISTRACTION AND ITS MANY FACETS   “I thought it was your day off” “It is” Hope said with an incredulous look on her face The last thing she wanted was to be on yet another mindless drone of a family function. Who does these things on a weekday even? Probably the same people who brought their friends to witness her maturity So the thought of […]

Trapped in the Box

  Every day the same thing happens. We wake up and there are rules. Everything is how it should be. Nothing is out of place. When she tries to complain or tries to do something anything different, she is reprimanded. She goes to school and it’s the same thing, she is being taught the exact thing. You are to read what is in the book and you study what is […]

Nollywood Is Not Playing Again OO

    Ever since 2015, there has been a burst of amazing television dramas on African Magic. Not just the usual Tinsel or The Johnsons which are incredible in their own right. The problem being that they can get repetitive having been on for years. Sometimes you just want to watch new things. Enter Hotel Majestic and Taste of Love and Hush and now Jemeji and Battleground. Hotel Majestic followed […]