The Broken Man and His Misunderstood Friend II

  A WEIRD DAY AND A COMFORTING CONVERSATION   Her eyes fluttered open as she slowly entered the realm of consciousness. She tried to gauge her environment, running her eyes around and noticed she was on her bed in her room. Her hand was dangling at the edge of the bed almost touching the floor. She adjusted herself and sat upright. As she caught her reflection in the mirror on […]

It Will Be Okay

  Drawing closer to her destination, she began to wonder. It had definitely been a long time since she had been here. Everyone will be excited to see her which is a feeling she has not been keen to in a while. The only thing she doesn’t like about this is how long it took her to come here or maybe the eccentricities of these people get to her some […]

An Unhealthy Obsession: I See You

  Hey pretty lady over there sipping that gorgeous red drink. Your lips wrapped around the straw, oh so succulent, I see you. When you got down from your car with your friends – are they your friends? I don’t know – but I was there. I’m always there. I always see you. In your home, when you are just being. You prefer to put on casual attire; loose trousers […]

Game ofThrones

Winter is Here. Finally!!!!

  One would think a show with horrific violence and abject nudity will be a no-no. Not Game of Thrones, it has captured the attention and continued interest of millions of people all around the world. Every battle, every moment, every episode has been a must see. Finally after a year of waiting, it is finally exploding to our TV screens, or phones or laptops. As we await the premiere […]

The Broken Man and His Misunderstood Friend I

A BODY AT REST   The cool feeling of liquid seeping down my legs woke me up that morning. My first thought was that I had wet myself but after checking, I realized it was another mortifying occurrence. There was thrash on my leg. Actual thrash, someone had thrown it on me. I wish this is something that would stop happening or at least become less frequent. But that’s just […]

It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

              This is the story of Emmanuel, a child that was failed by the world. There was a crying baby in the bush. People were passing by, some stopped and stirred creating a scene, some saw what was happening and hurriedly left the area, probably feeling uncomfortable. Most were definitely trying to relieve themselves of guilt with the thought that if they tried really hard, they’d forget what […]

Happily Ever After: A Work of Fiction

  I was out with my friends; my husband at work and my children at school. We were having a nice time chatting and drinking wine and basically catching up on our lives. We had not gotten any time lately to hang out and it was glorious to do so. That is until the conversation turned to a sour note. Kike’s fiancée was cheating on her and she was torn […]


  I have a lot to say, why drown me out? I have a lot to say, why tune me out? I have a lot to do, why shut me down? I have a lot to do, why ruin me now? You drown me out, what do I say? You tune me out, what do I say? You shut me down, what do I do? You ruin me now, what […]

The Boy and His Lightning Thoughts

  There was a boy. When he was 6, his father would always tell him different quotes. He remembered some and forgot most. Other times, he’d come across a quote and remember the time his father said to him. As he got older, he did everything that was expected of a child in this country. He graduated from secondary school and went to the university when he was 17. There […]