Strike: Is This Even What It Is Anymore?

In Nigeria, the word strike doesn’t have the humph it once had.

Back in the 90s, the oil workers’ strike was the biggest one ever – at least that I know of – it lasted months and everyone came together to partake in the strike. The government, due to the economy suffering, decided to cede to their demands.

These days, with the economy basically in the toilet and government and leadership basically a reality show of “who can be the most delusional”, strikes are well…um…different.

These past months, there have been a lot of strikes from different institutions. We don’t know the resolution of these closed door meetings but we know these institutions eventually call off the strike.

Currently, there is a strike being carried out by health workers minus doctors – they had theirs previously – there are several reactions.

These are a few.

There are those who are excited because the strike is basically a long overdue vacation from the long hours at work

There are those hustlers who transfer their patients to their own private facilities – no time.

Some extra people are allegedly going to hospitals with koboko flogging people who are working.

The other staff in the hospital

All the workers who have not been able to catch up on favourite series and movies

The innocent patients – they just want their treatment

The evil ones pretending to be sad when telling their patients about the situation

The patients that now have to go and be spending plenty money in private hospitals

Doctors now having to do all the work in the hospital – but why did they do a separate strike tho

How admin is counting down the days till 90% of their staff resumes?

The rest of the institutions in line to go on strike

I hope the government answers them for whatever their query is this time. Because at the end of the day, the patients are the real victims